Director's Message

Global Gateway was founded in the year 2009, with a vision of providing ‘Learning for Life’, to children. The mission is committed to transform every individual child to become self –reliant, self –confident, emotionally stable, socially harmonious and ignited with the spirit of exploring the world

The noble attempt is to inspire & nurture the creativity and unravel the unique talents hidden in every child. The young minds are encouraged to rejoice in his or her own cultural ethos, while encompassing a global perspective.

Though the learning of a human being begins in the womb of his mother and continues till the last day of his life, the formative years, that is, from birth to 6 years, is the most crucial period of development. The quality of learning during this vital phase of development determines the basic fabric of one’s knowledge, attitudes, behavior and culture, and lays a strong, permanent foundation of his personality.

Global Gateway extends its services right from the stage of infancy, offering enrichment in all probable areas of holistic development. Thus prepares them for life!