Parents Connect
Parent Connect towards Creating Champs!

To discover the champ in every child, it is inevitable to strengthen the bond between PARENT- SCHOOL and CHILD. Chennai Champs follows a rich ‘Parent Connect’ policy to nurture the personalities of the little champs.

Parent Orientation Programme

To unravel the scientific secrets of development and learning of the ‘CHILD’ a unique programme CREATING CHAMPS is gifted to the parents of Chennai Champs.

Parent Support Programme

As Chennai Champs aims at holistic development, Keen interest is displayed in areas of special concerns. Parent counseling sessions on specific areas of child development are also provided to parents, whenever required. General Parent Teacher meets, level meets as well as individual Parent-Teacher meets are also organized to cater to the immediate developmental requirement of children

Parent Workshops

To enrich the parenting skills and to foster learning for life, Chennai Champs conducts workshops on various themes, from time to time.