Why Montessori
Why montessori?

Thanks to Maria Montessori for having gifted us with the “Montessori System” the complete package of ‘Learning & Living’ of childhood. This system of education provides natural methodologies to develop a strong foundation of age appropriate knowledge and skills, through scientifically designed material, graded along various levels of challenges. Children are provided a variety of learning experiences geared to the developmental needs of students at each level.

Why has Chennai Champs gone Montessori?
  • Sensorial and experimental learning, which is the only effective way of learning at this age, is provided.
  • Integration of Body/Hand and Mind through one -to-one presentations for individual competencies.
  • Group sessions to experience group dynamics and enhance social behaviour.
  • Freedom for individual thinking, decision making and action.
  • Scope for Creativity.
  • Space and opportunity to develop Social Behaviour.
  • Activities in the following categories are presented for the holistic development of the child.
    • Practical Life
    • Sensorial
    • Language
    • Math
    • Culture